Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Best Second Tier PPC Network

Is there a best second tier PPC network? I have been searching, but have been unsuccessful so far. The huge volume of what appears to be valueless clicks on most of these networks leaves me with a tremendous conclusion. Since it seems none of the second tier PPC vendors are taking click-fraud seriously, a huge marketing opportunity exists for anyone who does.

The first second tier PPC network to actively address PPC fraud has the opportunity to create a remarkable service that will attract both publishers who will earn premium revenue and advertisers who will be willing to pay more for quality traffic. Here are some ideas (do them all):

· Address click-fraud as a real issue and talk to publishers and advertisers about it.

· Install click-fraud detection software to reduce the incidence of fraudulent clicks.

· Put all publishers on probation and have a 3 strikes, you’re out rule.

· Pay publishers in arrears so complaints can be immediately credited while issues are investigated. Just like my credit card company.

· Expose through click quality reporting all you can.

· Take the approach that the advertiser comes first. Take care of the advertiser and the publishers will follow.

· Be incredibly transparent in what you do and how you do it.

If a second tier PPC network were to actually do this, you win:

· Publishers and advertisers would beat a path to your door.

· It would be viral.

· Publishers would make more and advertisers would make more.

· You would save money in sales and churn

· You would be profitable over time

Do you know of a PPC network already doing this? If so, let me know.


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